AIS700 Raymarine

The AIS700 from Raymarine is a Class B Automatic Identification System (AIS) transceiver designed for use with Raymarine multifunction navigation display systems. As a Class B AIS transceiver, the AIS700 not only receives broadcasts from other vessels, it also transmits your own boat’s information too helping you to be seen on other vessels’ systems.
Full transmit and receive AIS for enhanced situational awareness and safety
Latest SO-TDMA networking for longer range and faster performance
Built-in antenna splitter simplifies installation with existing VHF radio antenna*
NMEA2000, NMEA0183, PC (setup & diagnostics) and SeaTalkng compatible.
Software or hardware switchable Silent Mode for enhanced security when needed

Power Supply:12v and 24 nominal
Peak current:3A
GPS receiver:u-blox MAX-M8W
GPS receiver channels:72 channels
GPS Cold start acquisition time:26s nominal
External interface isolation:NMEA0183 and NMEA 2000 interfaces to incorporate galvanic isolation from power supply as required by the relevant interface specification.
NMEA0183 interface 1 (MFD connection):NMEA 0183 HS (IEC 61162-1) compliant, bi-directional, RS422 levels. 4 wire interface (differential signalling). Configurable baud rate. Input to MFD from AIS.
NMEA0183 interface 2 (NMEA0183 instrument connection):NMEA 0183 (IEC 61162-1) compliant, bi-directional, RS422 levels. 4 wire interface (differential signalling). 4 wire interface (differential signalling) Configurable baud rate






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