The Alpha series displays are high-visibility touchscreen displays with fully customisable marine instrument data and graphic displays to help you make smarter sailing decisions. Designed for helm or mast mounting, the Alpha Series is controlled and customised via touchscreen or take control of Alpha displays remotely from a networked Raymarine Axiom chartplotter.
Available in 7″ and 9″ display sizes and mountable in both portrait and landscape views. The Alpha Performance Display provides a new level of versatility for marine instrument displays.
Alpha Performance Displays are our most versatile marine data displays. High-bright touchscreen instruments with wide view angles offer excellent visibility from anywhere onboard. Alpha’s extensive data dashboard options and widgets make critical sailing, navigation, and engine data easy to interpret at a glance.
Polarized sunglass-friendly displays with extra wide viewing angles, viewable on the mast or remote location
Tested to the extreme and built with our exclusive HydroToughTM nano-coating that repels water and oils for reliable touchscreen control
A single power and data cable for fewer cables running through the deck and mast. Support for daisy-chaining up to 4 Alpha displays
Intuitively designed graphical instrument displays, aimed at enhancing tactical awareness and facilitating better decision-making on the water.
SailPoint™ mode provides you with a visual reference of target wind angle, so you achieve your maximum VMG upwind or downwind
The dynamic wind performance display provides automatic zoom to the most critical part of the instrument display based on wind direction.
Alpha Performance Displays are companion instruments for Raymarine Axiom chartplotters. A simple RayNet Ethernet cable between Axiom and the Alpha display gives Alpha access to Axiom’s connected transducers and NMEA2000/SeaTalk NG devices.
Once paired with an Axiom network, you can customise and configure your Alpha display into powerful performance sailing, navigation, and engine data instrument.

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