Raymic Wireless Hand&Hub

Optional wireless handset
Add up to 3 wireless handsets to the VHF system
Wireless hub carries both data and audio to and from your wireless handset stations
Waterproof construction
Oversized LCD and rubberized keypads
Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery for long life with the latest inductive charging technology – no charging port or cable to plug in!
Wireless base station pairs to active speaker
Handset features smart locator alarm – activate alarm from hub
RayMic Wireless Hub
Cut the cord and enjoy wireless freedom onboard your vessel! The Wireless Expansion Hub accessory for the Ray90 and Ray91 VHF radios connects directly to the system’s transceiver module and supports the addition of up to 3 wireless handset stations. The wireless hub can also be added to a Ray63 or Ray73 VHF simply by adding a wireless handset adapter cable (R70739). Using the latest encrypted digital networking technologies, the Wireless Expansion Hub carries both data and audio to and from your wireless handset stations. You can mount the ultra-compact unit just about anywhere onboard, out-of-sight, and enjoy crystal clear communications everywhere.
Wireless Hub with 5-meter interconnect cable
Mounting hardware
Installation guide and documentation kit








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